Robyn Backhouse

Robyn Backhouse

Robyn Backhouse

Workshop: Flexing your social style to be more effective

About the workshop: The ancient phrase is ‘treat others how you like to be treated’ but how about treating people how they like to be treated?
In this workshop we will explore the four distinct Social Styles and learn how to adjust our styles to communicate with people from all four categories, thereby enhancing understanding, building stronger relationships and increasing our effectiveness.
We will also undertake some group exercises to practice changing our own behaviour in order to more effectively communicate with others.

Key takeaways :

  • Know the four primary Social Styles
  • Identify which social style is your primary one
  • Learn ways of successful communication with people from all four Social Styles
  • Consider how this can be used to build trust and understanding within business situations, thereby enhancing professional relationships to drive a company towards success.

About the speaker:

Robyn is a Scrum master and agile coach working at DAZN who has been working in Agile environments for over 10 years now. She started in IT as a backend web developer before moving on to project management, then into a coaching role for the past 4 years. Prior to that she was an Intensive Care nurse with the NHS.

Her main passions are helping people to grow, bringing people together in relationships of trust, openness and great communication, and watching amazing teams grow from those roots.

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