Vera Budean

Vera Budean

Vera Budean

Workshop: Stop Motivating Your Employees

About the workshop: Agile and Scrum are being implemented as a superficial patch on traditional management. The underlying management hasn’t changed…
It is one of the main contributing factors to (despite huge popularity of Agile) why very few organisations have successfully implemented Agile and many are running into all sorts of problems.

In the workshop you will discover how you can view management and its role in an empowering way that stimulates Agile mindset, and what new skills leaders today need to develop. You will also get hands-on tips on what you can do differently that you can put into effect straight away.

Is your vision to develop an organisation with highly motivated, self-driven, engaged and responsible employees? If so, I look forward to meeting you and introducing a way of leadership that develops successful teams.

This workshop is for Managers, project managers/TLs, Agile coaches, Scrum masters, and/or everyone interested in more self-managed teams.

Why to attend:

  • If you are interested in learning about an effective management paradigm
  • If you want to become aware of your leadership style and understand how you can interact with people in more effective way
  • If you are not happy with the level of responsibility and engagement in your team

About the speaker: Vera is a change facilitator and training consultant with 10+ years experience in multi-cultural environments with leading international organisations. She mainly works with tech companies, helping create conditions for business agility, shared sense of purpose, self-management and high-performance culture. TEAL enthusiast, excellent at compiling different perspectives and paradigms.